Solar Home Light

Solar home light
Solar home light

Our Solar Home Lighting Systems is appreciated for its high performance and compact structure. Incorporating the latest Solar Technology, of our home lighting system harnesses the power of the sun to provide reliable, cost-effective electricity wherever it is needed. System essentially consists of the solar module, suitable module mounting structure, battery with box, charge controller, luminaries, inter connecting cables and switches etc.


– Silent Operation & High Reliability
– Low maintenance & easy installation
– No fuel dependence & clean energy
– Power for any location


System Features:

  • Runs on Sunlight
  • Highly efficient lamp (600/900 lumens)
  • PWM Charge controller with temperature compensation
  • Adequate protections for load and battery
  • Optional 6/12 V output socket
  • High Frequency Quasi-sineware operation
  • DC Fan (<20W), Portable TV, Tape Recorder can be used


Technical Parameters: