Solar Lantern

Soltech Solar Lantern is a portable light and handy source of light ideal for usage in both indoor and outdoor applications. The Solar Lantern uses energy to charge the battery power to operate a 5W or 7W compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL/LED) which gives backup of 2 to 6 hours, when daily charged using Solar P.V Module.

Solar LED Lantern and Solar CLF Lantern


System Features:

  • Runs on Sunlight
  • Weather resistant ABS enclosure with clear acrylic lens
  • 5W/7W CFL and SW LED Lamps – more lights using Less Energy
  • Omni-directional white light
  • Simple and easy to use



  • Saves on recurring electricity expenses. No fuel/Oil required
  • Easy to install
  • Five years warranty
  • Free replacement against manufacturing defects within warranty period