Solar Water Heating

Flat Plate Collector System

Soltech Water Heating
  • Replaces the Ordinary Geyser in your bathroom

– Reduces Electricity Bill and running cost

  • Useful for preheating the water used far cooking

– Reduces cooking time
– Reduces cooking gas / Electricity Bill
– Instant Tea / Coffee

  • Useful for washing clothes and washing utensils
  • General Purpose Cleaning



  • Higher Temperature Rises resulting in more saving on Electricity Bill
  • Low Scaling resulting in low maintenance Cost
  • Storage tank adequately insulated with polyurethane, hence minimum heat loss
  • Better Value for Money


Evacuated Tube Collector Water Heating

Soltech ETC Water Heating

The abundantly available free energy from the sun can be tapped anywhere using the Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) water heating system to heat the
water. The ETC water heating systems can be easily installed and integrated with existing water heating systems such as geyser in houses and other places.